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Things To Enjoy In NYC

Visit New York like a New Yorker

The five boroughs of New York City form a sprawling concrete playground for the adventurous traveler. Times Square, Central Park, Liberty Island and the Empire State Building are all obvious bucket-list items, but barely scratch the surface of places to explore. Add these activities to your schedule to get the full NYC experience.

See the skyline from the Top of The Rock!


The view from the top of the Empire State Building is breathtaking, but if you visit just one skyscraper on your trip, make it the Rockefeller Centre. Not only is it the home of NBC Studios, but the 70th floor open-air observation deck offers an unrivalled panorama of Mid-Town Manhattan and beyond. Visit at sunset for the perfect holiday selfie.
Take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn/World Trade Centre

If incredible views are your thing, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge offers a unique perspective of the Manhattan skyline and Liberty Island. It’s a great trip either way but we recommend starting from the Brooklyn side for the best views. Grab a coffee and enjoy the 1.3-mile amble. It can be crowded with pedestrians and cyclists, so visit early if you can.
Embark on a Williamsburg bar crawl


Williamsburg has become synonymous with trendiness and youth culture in recent years. Whether you’re looking for a cool space for a quiet drink, or to laugh the night away in a comedy club, you’ll find some of the best watering holes in the five boroughs here. Start out with a bite to eat and a shake at Kellogg’s Diner before making your way along Metropolitan Avenue. Your night could take you anywhere from cool dives to classy wine bars.

Walk along the High Line

Chelsea/Meatpacking District

What do you get when you cross a disused elevated freight railway line with creatively minded New Yorkers? You get a spectacular, tree-lined public park, walkway and community space. On any given day you might see locals tending to the gardens, curating art exhibits, taking part in Tai Chi classes and more. Hop on and off the 1.45-mile-long promenade wherever takes your fancy. Stop for a bite to eat at the famous Chelsea Market if you get the chance.

Visit world-famous museums

Catch a glimpse of Van Gogh’s’ “Starry Night” at the MoMA. Learn about the ancient world at the American Museum of Natural History. Explore the extensive collections housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The discerning art lover will have a hard time being bored in NYC.

Eat your bodyweight in pizza

From $1 street food stands to world famous restaurants devoted to the New York round, you’ll find some of the best pizza of your life in the Big Apple. Be sure to take some time to sample stands, food joints and restaurants everywhere to find the perfect slice.

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